When not working the Romanian-born actor enjoys walking around his home of New York City, looking for his perfect companion: “I want one of those big, heavy-breathing bulldogs x


SubUrbia (1996)

You should get upset. Everyone should get upset! When, when Hitler was greasing the Jews, people were saying, ‘Don’t get me upset. You’re bumming me out.’ My duty as a human being is to be pissed off. Jesus Christ, not that it makes a difference in the first fucking place. Nothing ever changes, man. Fifty years from now, we’re all gonna be dead and there’ll be new people standing here drinking beer, eating pizza, bitching and moaning about the price of Oreos, and they won’t even know we were ever here. And then fifty years after that, those suckers will be dust and bones and there’ll be all these generations of suckers trying to figure out what the fuck they’re doing on this fucking planet and they’ll all be full of shit. It’s all so fucking futile.



If you’re a guy and you like OneRepblic there’s a 99.9999999999% chance I’m already in love with you.


Stop sign struggles



they were rescued from a testing lab, they’ve never walked on grass before

Look at that tail waggin’! I think it’s pretty incredible how now matter what dogs go through when they are given a second chance their tail never fails to wag.



San Francisco based artist Jeremy Mann paints gritty cityscapes of cities in the US. 


Other than being a awesome guitarist Drew is always cracking me up whether it’s from his comments or getting in trouble at like airports or getting ticketed on a bicycle, or just being good ol’ Drew xD